Saturday, January 2, 2021

How to run a startup for free ($6/yr)?

Cost effective stack.

1. DynamoDB for database
2. Lambda / Vercel for backend
3. Netlify / Vercel / Surge / Render for frontend
4. S3 for file/image hosting
5. Cloudinary for image hosting
6. IFTTT to webhook for cron
7. RedisLabs for queues, cache
8. Figma for designing and prototyping
9. Porkbun for $6 .com domains
10. Cloudflare for DNS
11. Clubhouse for project management
12. AWS Activate for up to $100k in AWS Credits

This setup is enough to handle ~1M/requests a month, more or less, depending on the application.

If you are getting more traffic than that, your startup will be making money, so you won't mind upgrading. :)

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Monday, December 28, 2020

From Lone Wolf to Organised Crime – Where Cyber Threats Come From

This article helped me get a high level overview of in what kind of individuals and groups create cyber threats

AWS learning notes - 1

Talking to one of my friends in devOps space, I came to know about the noisy neighbour problem.

Turns out AWS doesn't do a good job in supporting its customers on this.

Amazon does not expose their instance count per physical node, nor do they provide customers with guidance on at which points in the product portfolio they can acquire single tenant (dedicated) instances that avoid the noisy neighbor problem entirely. This is an area in which small organizations can gain significant advantages by utilizing other cloud hosting providers, many of which do offer single tenant cloud servers, or are at the least transparent about the contention ratios customers can expect when hosting on their infrastructure.

how do companies evaluate countries which are better for outsourcing

Global Services Location Index (GSLI)

This Index tracks the contours of the offshoring landscape in 50 countries across four major categories: financial attractiveness, people skills and availability, business environment, and the new digital resonance category explained in figure 1. It assesses countries' capacity to deliver BPO and ITO services based on 44 different metrics (see Appendix: About the study). 

One of the newly added items in it in addition to standard parameters associated with traditional IT outsourcing like financial attractiveness, people skills and availability, legal and cybersecurity environment is one of the key factors to account in decision making

Friday, September 20, 2019

10x engineer

They studied professional programmers with an average of 7 years experience and found that the ratio of initial coding time between the best and worst programmers was about 20 to 1; the ratio of debugging times over 25 to 1; of program size 5 to 1; and of program execution speed about 10 to 1. They found no relationship between a programmer's amount of experience and code quality or productivity.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Chalk it out

Mathematics has a craft aspect, especially in lectures. A good mathematics auditorium has six blackboards. A good lecturer can fill them one at a time, systematically, so at the end there's a whole panorama of what happened. With slide talks, you think your own thought for a minute you're dead. Because it's gone.